During the last few months my motivation for running hasn’t been as hardcore as the last few years…why you may ask?

Well I don’t need to run the streets like a mad man anymore to get some peace and quiet  🙂

Or maybe it’s the fact i’m not trapped in the office all day working on terribly important END OF THE WORLD tasks … which normally end up forgotten about after the synchronised tea breaks.

Last year, most evenings the wind in my hair and the complete lack of social interaction was enough to keep my running motivations at an all time high..

Looking back now, i’d all the symptoms of the Forest Gump Disease!!  , aw it wasn’t that bad really…but I guess some people channel their motivations in different ways. Running for me was a stress relief and an escape from everyone and everything.

What kind of motivation works best for you?

So what has changed?

relationship belly

Thankfully a year on and i’ve no longer Chronic Gump Disease :). By the way the cure is working as a sole trader and finding yourself in a great relationship 🙂

My new motivation this summer is on just keeping fit and avoiding the dreaded RELATIONSHIP BELLY !!! Easier said than done 🙂

In my last post I mentioned i’ve signed up for the Dublin Race Series, details can be seen below.My training is going great actually i managed a good 5.5 Mile run today, 21 weeks till the Dublin City Marathon :). Positive motivation all the way !!!

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Let me know what motivates you below in the comments box.

Dublin Race Series 2013

Dublin Race Series 2013Motivation for this year!

tough-mudder-main     Tough Mudder Race

Tough Mudder is an adventure challenge series featuring 10 to 12 mile obstacle courses. These courses, which have been developed by the British Special Forces, are geared toward testing participants’ mental grit, strength, camaraderie, and stamina. To successfully complete a Tough Mudder event, it is essential that you increase your physical training. With the Tough Mudder Boot Camp, you’ll undergo a combination of resistance training and high intensity cardiovascular exercises which will equip you for your respective event. To maximize your success in the boot camp training you must follow these three steps.

Step 1: Choose a Fitness Level

There are three fitness levels for the Tough Mudder Bootcamp. These include Mudderling, Maybe Mudder, and Tough Mudder. At Mudderling and Maybe Mudder levels, you must complete the boot camp three times per week and set aside two additional days for more cardio training. The Tough Mudder level, on the other hand,  requires you to complete the boot camp three times per week, while setting aside three additional days for more cardio training. The Mudderling workout takes 40 minutes and consists of a five-minute warm up, three circuits, and a five minute cool down. If you’re a Maybe Mudder, your workout would last 50 minutes. Maybe Mudders would be required to perform a five-minute warm up, four circuits, and a five minute cool down. For one hour, Tough Mudders are required to do a five-minute warm up, five circuits, and a five-minute cool down. One circuit is equivalent to a total of six minutes of cardio, three minutes of obstacle courses, and one minute of rest.

Step 2: Implement  the Bootcamp Structure for Your Respective Fitness Level

Circuit one of the Mudderling and Maybe Mudder levels is comprised of obstacle courses such as a warm-up, Running Man, Berlin Walls, You Don’t Know Jacks, Do Work: Jump Rope, Everest, and rest. Circuit two of the Mudderling and Maybe Mudder levels involves obstacle courses like the Log Bog Belly Bombers, Hangin’ Tough, Greased Lightning Skates, Turd’s Nest, Glacier Ski Jumps, Bale Bonds, and rest. Circuit three of the Mudderling and Maybe Mudder levels features Spider Web Climbers, Dirty Ballerina, High Steppin, Funky Monkey, Fire Walker Quick Feet, Twinkle Toes, rest, and cool down obstacle courses. Circuit four of the Maybe Mudder level requires you to perform obstacle courses such as Tired Yet?, Kiss of Mud, Running Man, Boa Constrictor, Log Bog Belly Bombers, Braveheart Charge, rest, and cool down. Circuit one, two, and three of Tough Mudder consists of the same obstacle courses at the Mudderling and Maybe Mudder levels. However, the Berlin Walls obstacle from the other two levels was replaced with Devil’s Beard in the Tough Mudder Boot Camp. With the exception of You Don’t Know Jacks, circuit four of Tough Mudder features the same obstacle courses as the Maybe Mudder, while circuit five of Tough Mudder consists of Log Bog Belly Bombers, Rope A Dope, Greased Lightning Skates, Death March, Glacier Ski Jumps, Mud Mile, rest and cool down. Each obstacle of your respective bootcamp must be completed within the time specified for your fitness level.

Step 3: Perform the obstacles for your respective bootcamp three to five times per week.

About the author:

Find more health and fitness articles on the NewYouBootCamp blog. You can also follow them on Twitter here.

Tough Mudder Enough


Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals in a quick and efficient manner. However, there are a few individuals who carry the title of personal trainer, but do not live up to such expectations. To prevent yourself from falling prey to such individuals, use these pointers to help you identify a bad personal trainer.


Look at the results of clients who have been training with the personal trainer. If they have little to no results after working with the trainer for several years, this should be a big indicator of what you would likely receive if you were to hire that individual. A reputable personal trainer should design a workout routine and nutritional plan for clients to achieve weight-related goals over a specific period of time. If a person goes to a personal trainer to lose weight and ends up packing on a few pounds, such evidence should send you scampering away in search of a results-driven trainer.

Working out instead of training

A personal trainer who transforms his/her client’s paid session into a personal workout demonstrates that he/she does not have a vested interest in the client. Such behavior is a clear indication that the trainer is more concerned about keeping himself/herself in shape. If you ever find yourself in a workout session where you end up looking on as your personal trainer exercised, you should make that your last session and immediately discontinue your training with that individual.

Scheduling Conflicts

Is the personal trainer always showing up late, canceling, or rescheduling your training session? If that’s the case with your personal trainer, this simply goes to show where his/her priorities lie. Although emergencies may occur from time to time, having a personal trainer who is always engaged in other activities besides the one for which you hired him/her is inexcusable.

Lack of Focus

If you’ve ever encountered a trainer doing everything under the sun except what he/she was hired to do, you should immediately eliminate him/her from your list of potential personal trainers. Such behavior may include speaking with others, texting, answering calls, or paying attention to everything else other than his/her client.

Does not track progress

In order to see where you’re going, you must have a record of your starting point as well as progress reports showing the goals you’ve set forth to accomplish over a specific period of time. If a personal trainer is not recording a client’s relative strength index for each exercise routine, weight, and other factors that will help in determining if the client is meeting his/her goals, then there’s no need to hire this individual.

Interaction with others who may not be clients

There may be times when some people may be working out at the gym without a personal trainer. On such occasions, these persons may be performing an exercise routine incorrectly. However, if you happened to be walking with a personal trainer who looked at the person without offering any advice on how to improve the routine, that only goes to show that such a trainer is not truly passionate about his/her craft. Whether a personal trainer is being paid or not, his/her commitment to helping others improve their lives should be on display at all times.

About the author:

John Craves is a personal trainer specialising in total body transformation. He’s clientele are mostly based at The Park Club a London Gym in Chiswick.

Click on the link below for the Mini Marathon 2013 RACE RESULTS! – Well done Runners!!

Official Women’s Mini Marathon 2013 Results:

Women's Mini Marathon 2013 Logo

This weekend in Dublin the annual Women’s Mini Marathon 2013 takes place ! Empowered women from across the globe line the streets of Dublin City to compete with honour, pride,and kindness.

The Flora Women’s Mini Marathon is actually the biggest all women’s event of its kind in the entire world. A large number of runners fundraise for charities within Ireland and international countries. Last year almost €14m was raised by the female runners bringing the total since the first ever race in 1983 close to €137m.

Women of all sizes, shape and age representing every county and every walk of life take part in this great race of Women. No pressure is put on competitor – all the participants have to do is get fit enough to walk, jog or run the 10k. It is up to each individual to set her own target. Every finisher is a winner – and receives a commemorative medal and ribbon to mark the achievement.

Start Line: Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2.                   Official Race
Finish Line: St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.               Official Website:

The History of the women’s Mini Marathon

Women's mini marathon photo

Women’s mini marathon photo

It has grown from its humble beginnings in 1983 with almost 9,000 participants to a staggering 40,395 women participating in 2012.

It is difficult to understand the significance of this event without remembering what it was like in 1983. At this time it was virtually unknown for women to train in public in the towns and cities of Ireland. The Women’s Mini Marathon changed all that. Though women competed in marathons in various cities, the World and Olympic governing bodies frowned on distance running by women. Up to 1980 the longest distance women ran in the Olympics was 1,500 metres (1 mile approx).

Race Route & Course Map

Women's Mini Marathon route map course

Race begins at Fitzwilliam Square moving along Shelbourne Road, on past the RDS and along Merrion Road, turning right onto Nutley Lane then left towards Belfield and across the flyover, back through Donnybrook, onto Morehampton Road, Leeson Street and finish at St Stephens Green.

Weather Forecast –  Drink Plenty of Water 🙂

Women's Mini Marathon Weather Forecast

Women’s Mini Marathon Weather Forecast

Bank holiday Monday looks warm as well with temperatures between 17 and 20 degrees and very little wind. Weatherwise, apart from a little drizzle in places, it will be dry with sunny breaks mixed in with cloudier periods.

Women’s Mini Marathon 2013 Results

Runners Result times can be viewed here:

Best of luck to everyone running this weekend, leave a comment below and tell us how you get on!

Dublin Race Series 2013

Dublin Race Series 2013

I woke up this morning with a wave of determination pass over me, or maybe it was the 3 dinners I had yesterday passing through my digestive system..anyway ..i’ve decided to start running again! – and there’s no better training planner than the Dublin Race Series.

Brief History of my running:

This will be my 3rd year taking part in the Dublin City Race Series. My longest race was the Dublin Half Marathon back in 2011.Last year I was all set for the Half Marathon but an injury five days before the race screwed it all up :(. I only managed to run the frank duffy 10 mile last year.

Why I stopped running?

migraine trigger

migraine trigger

Well since diagnosed with chronic migraine back in 2011 I noticed running triggered my migraines..pain in the hole and head. – I pretty much have migraine every day of my life now.

Why Im starting running again? I find running to be a great mental challenge for me, I think i’m naturally fit anyway, the real battle for me is to keep going. I know I’ve issues with migraine but I think the health benefits of running are greater than the migraines in the long run.

So here I go, I’ll keep you updated on my progress on my mapmyrun profile here:

I wish everyone the best of luck with their training over the summer months. Leave a comment below if you are taking part in the Dublin Marathon Race Series 2013.

Did someone say ‘biopolar’?? ….funny story actually! I was once on a date and I was asked was I biopolar … I replied “Jesus Christ maybe I am!! That would explain a lot ” 🙂 ….anyway..!!  that’s for a totally different kind of blog..

So tonight after a terrible day of failed business accounting…due to my complete lack of interest and boredom…I said to myself Screw this! I’m off for a run, a punishment if you will for my laziness…

And you know what!…It’s weird because tonight I realised something…*cue dramatic music…

why do so many people love running so much? * I pondered…wait for it..wait for it…

It’s because you can actually start and finish something in a day :)… Im clearly the smartest person ever…..or …maybe my days aren’t very productive…. Anyway, Who needs business accounts anyway!!!!! :)…

So back to my run tonight,

I did 4.5 miles tonight in 39:12, I felt great and I think I’m going to do the Dublin City marathon this year…Yes!! I know ! I said I was last year, but my stupid knee stopped me…grrr…

Oh yes…And I made a new friend on my run tonight…. A not so friendly pony..!! Im pretty sure he was happy watching me do my thing tho…or maybe not!

Awkward Pony

Mooooooo – I mean [insert pony noise here].. .i’m pretty sure they neigh like horses, but that seems pretty insulting for the entire pony race 🙂

Oh yeah you know what’s funny!

Two nights ago I was all concerned I was getting a bit wobbly , and now tonight I’m thinking I’m too skinny ……sounds pretty like biopolar to me. 🙂


Well Today I got a bit of a wake up call …. And No! not that painfully annoying alarm on your phone kind of wake up call, more like a serious ‘YOU ARE AN UNFIT MESS…kinda wake up call.

Gone are the belly muscles… and HELLO the layers of yummy mummy tea and biscuits…rolly…… get what I mean!… that’s a nicer way to say ROLLS of FAT…i’m probably exaggerating as always…BUT…. mmmmmmmm.. BREAD rolls!!

So anyway this time last year I was all set and trained for the Great Ireland 10k run 2012 , but due to a spring that seemed more like winter, I had to sit inside and eat biscuits and cake and other amazing food…yeah!! so that’s what I did then :)………and here’s how I felt earlier today!!!!!


shocked cat

Yes I looked like a CAT!! :O..that’s what lack of running does to a person 🙂

So after my transformation into a CAT! aka ‘Unfit Mess’… I said to myself!! screw it ! The Great Ireland 10k Run 2013 is just a week away , if I can do 7.0km tonight then I’ll enter The Great Ireland 10k Run 2013 which is on the 14th of April …. and what do you know!!! I DID… I ran 7.0km tonight 🙂 in 39.12 

So I’m back running yay!!

For details of the Great Ireland Run 2013 check out their website

Well the new year has hit, and gone are the sweets, mince pies and ridiculous amounts of alcohol…Maybe i’ve gone a bit loco but I swear I could hear a faint echo of ‘I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly‘ in my ears the other day as I downed a ranc 30euro bottle of red wine or was that all in my head…..oh well…..*rubs food baby

Anyway since it’s winter and all , I’ve decided I’d start running earlier this year, because normally with shity weather I don’t start running till February but due to a heavy scattering of sugary crap and downpours of alcohol i’ve decided to start training a bit early this year…I know there goes the annual food baby! but it’ll be back don’t you worry!!!!… * ponders the idea of  Maternity leave for food baby carriers*…..

food baby

LOL – A weird ass comic I found online

So tomorrow I begin my annual running buzz, I’ve no races in mind just yet so the plan is to get fit again and get back into the healthy habit with a slow 3 mile run tomorrow….eeeeeep SCARED..

I’ll keep you guys updated with my progress and upcoming races over the new few months, I have some interesting challenges I want to set myself in 2013 🙂 so keep an eye on my blog….hint: Splashy Splashy rubber duckie!

Also you can view my running stats on my MapMyRun profile over the course of the year and see how im getting on for each training session.

Well that’s my first blog entry of 2013! Best of luck with your running :).

Dublin Half Marathon 2012

Dublin Half Marathon 2012

Update: Sadly the week before the race I injured my knee and I couldn’t run the Half Marathon – I was gutted.. :(……….

It’s funny to think that back in June 2011 as I spun in my chair, an idea popped into my head, one that would see me go on to complete my first Dublin Half Marathon and hopefully my second this weekend.

Like many of my crazy ideas/fads, most are simply replaced by even crazier ones, but running for me was different. I guess it allows me to escape for a part of the day.. but most importantly it gives me that sense of achievement, something that I’ve missed from my carefree days in college…

So what was that crazy idea I masterminded in June 2011 as I scanned the dull office interior searching for an escape from my norm.. ..Well it was a simple one , to complete a half marathon and i’d 12 weeks to train for it. And well I did it :)… See how I got on last year

The Race:

This weekend, over 10 thousand will run in the phoenix park, and i’ll be one of them :), my training has gone great, my only concern with the course is the hills near the end, but I should be fine.

So tomorrow one last run, an easy 10mile run, and loads of pasta during the week :), i’ll post Sunday how I got on….Yay excitement.

Here’s the race map below:

Dublin Half Marathon Map 2012

Dublin Half Marathon Map 2012

Frank Duffy 10 Mile Race

Frank Duffy results link

Well I haven’t been updating my blog as much this year eeeep, but im sure you will be all glad to hear that I didn’t return to my old dirty habits. You know the ones where you spend endless hours on the laptop, walk to the fridge a few million times for a snack that never materializes, and really you never even wanted it in the first place, but you still just waddle on back to that fridge anyway out of pure boredom. Sigh.

Anyway, It’s hard to believe but this month on the 25th of August marks my one-year anniversary for my first ever-running race! And to think last year I was only running for 8 weeks at this point.

So the race, well it’s the Frank Duffy 10 mile race, which starts at 10am in the Phoenix Park. Again I’ll be doing this race with my father, which is great, because I guess it’s the one thing we have in common, but I have inherited his sweet tooth, and nasty habits of eating half a biscuit, leaving it in the pack, then walking away and coming back 1 minute later to finish it…..



Roll on next week  , I’ll keep you guys posted on how I got on, and talk less about my weird eating habits.

YAY I got my race number in the post today 🙂

frank duffy 10 mile race number

frank duffy 10 mile race number

BTW. Here’s the Frank Duffy 10 mile course below:

Frank Duffy 10 mile course

Frank Duffy 10 mile course

Frank Duffy 10 mile Results:

Finish Time: 1hr 24:10

Delighted 🙂 15 minutes faster than my first ever race last year which was the Frank Duffy 2011 race!

Frank Duffy results link :